Destination Green Events advances environmentally friendly commerce by developing festive, community oriented farmers' markets. These efforts to build pathways between locally produced foods and California consumers are rooted in the belief that protecting the environment is done through a multitude of everyday choices.

What you can find at our
Farmers' Markets

~ California Fall & Winter Harvest ~

• Apples - Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Red Delicious, and more
• Blueberries - California coast grown
• And more...

Please see the Seasonal Chef for all fruit

• Artichokes
• Asparagus
• Avocados - Has, Reed, Fuerte, and more
Beans - Blue Lake, Haricot Vert, and Chinese Long beans
And more...

Please see the Seasonal Chef for all vegetables

• Bells of Ireland
• Calla Lilies
• Gerber Daisies
• Gladiolas
• Irises
• Lizianthas
• Oriental Lilies
• Pom Pom Daisies
• Renunculas
• Sun Flowers - Teady Bear, Red Sun, and Good Old Yellow
• Tulips

All of the produce at "Certified Farmers' Markets" is grown in California. It is brought to the market by the farmers that harvest it or by employees of the farm. Many of the produce varieties can be found as Certified Organic options!
More about the origins of Farmers’ Market produce

• fresh caught ocean fish
• California raised shell fish: abalone, oysters, scallops and clams -- lab tested to exceed government standards
• fresh fruit cobbler
• delicious home-style cupcakes
• many types artisan bread
• granola, California gouda cheese
• fresh pasta and ravioli
• a bonanza of fresh humus and dips to choose from
• peanut and almond butter
• California natural honey
California eggs


A Festive Shade of Green
Our farmers' markets are as festive as they are healthy and green - offering weekly events that families can enjoy together or where busy professionals can dart through for fresh additions to tonight's dinner. Ballad strumming bards, a jazz trio, certified dietitians, and an exercise trainer are some of the folks who help keep the markets poppin'.

Shaded city blocks play host to the fresh, locally produced foods and offer a place to stretch your legs, maybe even a chance make some new friends. So whether it's a quick stop at the market on your way home from work to get your favorite heirloom tomatoes, or it's a leisurely afternoon of shopping while the kids dive into 'eco-friendly play-dough', your stop at the market is going to be a fresh and an environmentally aware piece of the day.

Locally Produced Foods
All of the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers at Certified Farmers' Markets are grown in California. This network of California Department of Agriculture endorsed venues has significantly shortened the path from farmers to consumers. The shorter the path the less resources it takes to get the food to your table.

Weekly community markets also play a vital roll in protecting California farmland and farm jobs. Farmers' market shopping is really simple way to help reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation. The consumer is guaranteed to be taking home fresh produce, that is vine ripened to its nutritional peak and in season with the regional environment.


"The bonds between people that give them a sense of community are not forged only at the table, but the whole process of putting food there. Meaningful feeling is built up from small relationships -- such as the one with the baker; you go down to the bakery and say hello and buy your bread. Repeated contact makes people become sympathetic to one another's situations and lives. The bonds that are formed create an atmosphere of caring and sharing."

- Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse, in a letter to President Clinton.

With each of our farmers' market events, we try to reflect the distinct tastes and moods of the host community. Because we value expression of community and neighborhood pride, we invite local groups and organizations to participate alongside our farmers. You're likely to see the City Fire Department discussing safety measures or a group of moms simply raising funds for an upcoming field trip.

Crops, Food & Specialty Items
Our markets offer a hand-selected variety of So Cal and LA area produced goods, along with a small amount of unique imports. The emphasis is always on what is produced locally; most of what you will find at our markets is grown or made within two-hundred miles, much of it right here in LA. We also like to give local artists and craftspeople opportunities to find an appreciative home audience.

• DGE offers a reward system for shopping with reusable or recycled bags. To emphasize the ease of reusable bags we offer new customers a complimentary Earth Wise Bag. It's our goal to cut back plastic bag consumption by 50% at farmers' markets in the next two years. People who use their own bags will receive an ongoing 10% discount on every purchase at our markets.

• Easy to spot recycling bins are placed throughout our market-events.

• Composting leftover plant and food material is a practice that brings our market-events even closer to being a zero refuse business. Usually a member from a local garden picks up the plant material at the end of the day, or a farmer just takes it back to the farm's compost pile to break down into a future batch of organic fertilizer.

DGE encourages our customers to use alternative transportation methods to get to the farmers' market when possible. Bicycle commuting or even a leisurely walk to the market is a terrific choice! We offer real incentives for all those who can leave the car behind from time to time. Carry our "Green Path Card" and earn points-to-spend each time you shop car free. Complimentary air and water for cyclists is always available.

Wholesome eating and echo-friendly lifestyles begin with the selection of locally produced foods. DGE helps make these choices easier and understandable for the entire family. One way we go about this is to work with Growing Great, a childrens' nutrition organization. Our team provides seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables for classroom workshops and they present mini-courses about the benefits of theses foods. Together we launched a pilot program in the Culver City School district this year, and we hope reach more classrooms in 2008.
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